Christmas Lunch On Jesus (CLOJ)

Most people are familiar with the story of baby Jesus as depicted by nativity plays at Christmas; but who is this Jesus? Was He just a prophet who lived many years ago? Was Jesus more than just an historical figure, a good man who taught people how to be good? And why is He giving away Christmas lunches?

Simply put, Jesus is God’s Son sent to the world to deliver us from sin and death so that we could have life—both now and forever. You see, you were created for a purpose—to have a relationship with God. But there’s a problem. You are a sinner. We all are. All of us have done things that are wrong. Sin separates us from God because He is holy and just. We are not. In order for us to be forgiven from our sin, Jesus had to die. His death on a cruel cross over 2,000 years ago makes it possible for you to have a relationship with God, and in that relationship with Him, you have a life filled with purpose, meaning, and hope, both now and after you die.

So what does Jesus have to do with Christmas lunches? Because Jesus spent His life giving to others—even giving His very life on the cross—we as His followers want to carry on His example. He has given us so much—life, joy, peace, healing, and hope—we want to give to others in return. It’s just our way of showing people that Jesus loves them.
If you would like to have a relationship with the One who loved you enough to die for you, you need to give your life to Him. There is no magic prayer, no special formula. You just need to admit that you are a sinner, believe that Jesus died for you, and turn from your sin and give your life to Jesus.

Every Christmas, families benefit from the Christmas hampers delivered by C.I.A Northampton.

If you or someone you know will struggle in 2019 Christmas, CIA Northampton is happy to share the love of Jesus Christ by giving a Christmas hamper. Please feel free to contact us and the hampers will be delivered closer to Christmas 2019.